MOMS Connect

MOMS…….have you ever felt like your life is a great big game of Whack-A-Mole. You know, the game that has a giant   mallet and you stand, waiting for moles to pop up?  As they do, you whack them as quickly as possible – hopefully before another one comes up on the opposite side.  Often they pop up simultaneously on complete opposite sides, and we hope to be fast enough to catch most of them! We strive to live an intentional life, yet sometimes we feel we are at the mercy of life.  Hoping to tackle each challenge as it surfaced – one after the other.

No matter where a mom is on her journey, she is always welcome at MOMS CONNECT. We strive to reach the moms in our church family and community and offer the opportunity to make connections not only with other moms but with mentor moms and with God through the spiritual focus of each meeting.

Be sure to sign up and join us in the Chapel foyer on October 7th at 5 pm for GAME NIGHT. Our night will include special guests that will share beauty and facial techniques, tips and trends for the new year. Invite a friend to come with you for this fun night. For more info, contact Dana Thames at 225.405.3557 or

Childcare will be provided and we ask that you pre-register no later than September 19th below: