Children’s Ministry

Revival KIDZ is a ministry devoted to the children at Revival Temple. We have multiple kid-friendly environments ranging from birth through 5th grade available during each service.  Each environment is wired so that kids can engage and learn at their age level.  Revival KIDZ is committed to making church such an exciting experience that kids are dragging their parents to church!  We love our children and families, and we work very hard to make Revival KIDZ an exciting relevant children’s ministry.  Be our guest and come see what God is doing in our children!

Revival KIDZ Church

Revival KIDZ Church is held each Sunday at 10 am, with exception of the first Sunday of the month, which is Family Sunday, and our children will worship in the Main Sanctuary with their families. KIDZ Church is designed for kids, ages 5-10. Our KIDZ Church is held in the Education Building, and welcome station is located on the north side of the building. A representative will greet you to receive your child, and present you a number. You MUST present this number at the same station for pickup. Upon check-in, they are instantly engaged in action-packed fun! But fun is only the beginning. Each weekend, kids enter into our service with great worship, cool games, crazy dramas, Bible story time, video clips and much more.


Revival JR. KIDZ Church is held each Sunday at 10 am, and is designed for kids, age 3-4. Our services are held in the building located directly to the north side of the Main Sanctuary. This is where the adventure with God begins! To check-in, follow the signs in the north hallway in the Main Building to the building, and you will be asked to provide us with some basic information regarding your child. To ensure your child’s safety, each child will be assigned a ‘recall’ number and you will receive a ‘recall tag’. If your child needs you during service, their number will be displayed on the screens located in the front of the sanctuary. You will be required to present your child’s ‘recall tag’ to the Team Member as proof of authorization to pick up your child. During their time here, they will learn about God through weekly Bible stories, worship and other action-packed fun!

Revival KIDZ Care

Revival KIDZ Care is our nursery department, and is available during each service. It is a loving, nurturing and peaceful environment designed to care for and nurture children birth through age 2. Because children develop differently, our nursery is divided by developmental stages rather than age groups. We provide an infant room, crawlers area, and then toddlers room, and each is designed to meet your child’s needs.


Upon your arrival, first time guests will need to complete an information sheet, which will provide us with some basic information regarding your child, and is needed to make your child’s stay with us more comfortable. Your child will also receive a ‘recall’ number and you will receive a ‘recall tag’ . If for any reason we need to contact you regarding your child during the service, your child’s ‘recall’ number will be displayed on the screen on both sides of the sanctuary on Sunday, and digital number board located to the left of the chapel stage on Wednesday. When you see you child’s number displayed, simply return to the room where you checked in, and a team member will meet you there. Upon check-out, you will be required to present your child’s ‘recall tag’ to the Team Member as proof of authorization to pick up your child.


In our Infant room, a quiet area is available for nursing mothers. Inside you will find rocking chairs and changing table available for your use. If you have any other needs, please feel free to see of the Nursery Staff or Volunteers, and they will assist you.

Revival KIDZ Bible Club

Revival KIDZ Bible Club is held each Wednesday at 7 pm for children, ages pre-k – 5th grade, who want to know God better through the study of the Bible. This is done in an atmosphere with age-appropriate Bible lessons that allow fun, excitement, friendship, leadership and learning. Our volunteers all have the desire to serve children and help them discover the truths of the Bible, who God is and get to know Him better. When children are taught the Scriptures, memorize them and live by them, what a difference it can make.

Check-in will begin at 6:45 each Wednesday at the Welcome Center located at the north side of the Chapel, then go directly to their classrooms upstairs. Parents/guardian will be presented a number which must be pesented at check-out at 8:15 pm at the same place.

CLUB SCRIPTURE – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13