What to Expect


Revival Temple has a pretty informal atmosphere. You’ll see everything from jeans to suits. Out of all the things you might find here, we pray that brotherly love will be the most prominent. We try to keep things simple… love God and love people.


The style of music we use in our praise and worship times is contemporary/modern. We try to keep a good balance in using current musical styles without turning our worship service into a concert environment. It’s our desire to have a distraction free worship environment that is Christ centered. Although we strive for musical excellence in glorifying God, we believe worship is more about the heart, and experiencing His presence than it is about the music.


The teaching and preaching of God’s Word is our highest priority. You will hear a message straight from the Bible. We don’t just pick and choose our favorite passages. Our teaching is bible based and our ministry follows the leading of the  Holy Spirit.

Children & Youth

If you have young kids or teenagers, we would like to encourage you to have them participate in our ministries that are specially geared toward them. You will find friendly, loving teachers to minister to your children, as well as a student ministry that focuses on Biblical truth and discipleship.


We have nothing against “passing the plate”, but with the amount of ministries today abusing the church for financial gain, we want your giving to be between you and the Lord. Giving is an act of worship and it’s not something that should be forced or done out of obligation. We have an offering box in the foyer of the sanctuary where you can give of your tithes and offerings. We also offer secure online giving.