Family Ties Series

FAMILY….We all have them! Families are unique in that each one looks different from another. There is no set shape, size or makeup that is right or wrong. We all want great families, and of course, it’s easier said than done….and everyone has an opinion. Some families include biological children. Others include adopted children or children who are staying with them temporarily. And some families have a mixture of both. Some families may not have any children living under their roof, but still maintain an influence in the lives of children in their neighborhood, church or social circle. Even a person who is single has the ability to have a monumental impact on the people around them. The point is, while not every family looks the same (and that is ok), every family should understand that it has been formed and fashioned by God and has a purpose in His kingdom.

Join us for a 4-week series, FAMILY TIES, August 19 – September 9 . We hope you join us each Sunday at 10 am & Wednesday at 7 pm.   Each week, we will different areas and see how God’s Word should shape our marriages, inform us on how to parent our children, and even give us insight on how our families can be a living example of grace & mercy in the local church as well as around the world.   #familyties18

        FOUNDATIONS OF THE FAMILY with Pastor Wes Courtney

Sunday, August 19th at 10 am


           Wednesday, August 22nd at 7 pm in the Main Sanctuary

On Wednesday, August 22nd, we will have a combined service with everyone, grades 6 and up in the Main Sanctuary. Our Youth Band will lead us in worship, followed with a powerful message with Pastor   Daryl on the impact social media has on families/relationships and the way it has changed the way we communicate with each other. This session will help us understand both     benefits and risks associated with social media, while still keeping pace with the ever changing world. #familyties18

Our series will conclude with a REVIVAL TEMPLE FAMILY PICNIC on Sunday, September 9th at 5 pm at Sidney Hutchinson Park with food, games & loads of fun! FREE EVENT.  Bring a lawn chair and a few friends! #familyties18

Family Challenge Week 1

Prayer Request & Praise Report